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Grit News

As Grit's mission, Grit strives to impact our community where we live, work, and meet in these areas: giving back of time and treasure, sustainability and contribution to the event industry and its future generation. Read about how we strive to achieve this through the #GritGivesBack initiative and engagement with our professional industry partners.

Women with Grit

Meeting Professionals International spotlights some of the talented “Women with Grit” in the newest issue (November/December) of The Meeting Professional.
The article dives into a few stories of trailblazing women, how they led the pivot in 2020, and Grit’s unconventional industry culture & mindset.

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IAEE and Grit Productions & Expositions Announce Strategic Partnership

Exciting news! IAEE and Grit Productions & Expositions have announced a strategic partnership until 2025. Grit will be the production partner for Expo! Expo! 2023-2024 & will take on both production and show partner roles in 2025! 

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Boot Campaign's Santa Boots

#GritGivesBack | Boot Campaign’s Santa Boots Program unites Americans to show gratitude, meet service members’ needs and strives to alleviate stress and financial burden by delivering specially-curated gifts to Veteran and active duty military families nationwide

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